First published in 1970, this is the remarkable journal of a free-spirited, young American woman abroad in Greece with her writer husband in 1964. Inspired by the sixties’ vogue for the exuberant land of Zorba and Lawrence Durrell, they seek an Aegean idyll–but their plans threaten to go awry when she learns she is pregnant. Settling in Athens, she gives birth to a boy at the country’s only natural-childbirth clinic–an underground refuge ruled by a mysterious Madame Kladaki. Afterward, as a new mother in a strange land, she struggles to reconcile the myth of Greece, ancient and modern, with contemporary Athens, even while their idyll recedes.

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Mike Pesca, host of Slate’s daily podcast, The Gist, today featured Tatra Press author Lukas I Alpert in a podcast on Putin’s disinformation campaign. Alpert, a Wall Street Journal correspondent in Moscow, wrote Kremlin Speak: Inside Putin’s Propaganda Factory, as a Tatra Press ShortTake e-book.

We’re delighted to announce our new imprint of original ebooks– Tatra Press ShortTake Original–has launched. Our initial titles include: Kremlin Speak: Inside Putin’s Propaganda Factory by Wall Street Journal reporter Lukas I Alpert; The Test, a short story by novelist John Lansing; and The Beginnings of Angels by medievalist scholar Andrew Sulavik.

Lukas’ Kremlin Speak was elected as a Kindle Single this month. Lukas also appeared as guests on Pacifica radio and WBYU. Listen to the WBYU interviews: Meanwhile, Lansing’s The Test has received 23 sterling reviews on Amazon, on the heels of his newly released novel, Blond Cargo.

Tatra Press will launch a new imprint of original e-books focusing on long-form journalism, narrative non-fiction and literary fiction called Tatra Press ShortTake Original in November 2014. The imprint will publish titles in e-book format only and of about 30 to 120 pages in length.  The following four pieces will kick off the imprint:

The Journal, by essayist and journalist Josh Karlen, delves into the author’s  parents’ personal journals and uses them to piece together the evolution of their marriage, its break-up and the lives they lived and the many they touched. Karlen is the author of Lost Lustre: An New York Memoir published by Tatra Press. In Kremlin Speak: Inside Putin’s Propaganda Factory, Lukas I. Alpert casts light on Russia’s aggressive propaganda war playing out through its  news organizations. Alpert is a correspondent with The Wall Street Journal, previously covering politics in Moscow and currently in the New York bureau.  Novelist John Lansing’s The Test, is a coming-of age story based in 1950s Long Island, about a young couple’s relationship that inflames racial tensions of a community.  Lansing is the author of The Devil’s Necktie and forthcoming Blonde Cargo (October 2014), both published by Simon & Schuster.  Andrew Sulavik’s The Beginnings of Angels debunks myths surrounding the origins of angels and provides a rich amount of research exploring ancient roots of our contemporary fascination with angelic beings.  Sulavik, a former Catholic priest, is a medieval scholar.

Margaret Lowrie Robertson’s Season of Betrayal (Tatra Press, 2006) is scheduled to be offered as an Amazon Kindle Daily Deal on September 23.   The novel, based in Beirut in 1982, earned a starred review in Library Journal, and was praised by Anderson Cooper as a “captivating journey into war-torn Beirut and the equally dangerous front lines of human relationships.”

Please view our three newest videos on YouTube on the Tatra Press channel,TatraPress Media

Lost Lustre the Book: Josh Karlen’s look at the New York punk music scene, circa 1070s

My Cancer Year: Curtis Pesmen’s survivorship memoir

Rain Forest Wisdom: Andrew Y. Grant’s fascinating look at gorilla behavior as it compares to human behavior

Author Andrew Y. Grant is scheduled to appear pre and post New Years spot on Frankie Boyer’s radio show on the Lifestyle Talk Radio Network to promote his new book, Rain Forest Wisdom.  His  first appearance will be this Monday, December 23 at 9am.  Be sure to tune in!

Curtis Pessmen, author of My Cancer Year: A Survivorship Memoir, has appeared on Doctor Radio, on two SiriusXM radio programs, hosted by the NYU Langone Medical Center: the Oncology Show, and the Rehab Medicine Show. if you’d like to listen to the audio from these interviews, go to, and sign up for the free trial. Then you can look for Doctor Radio (Channel 81) and search for the Rehabilitative Medicine Show or the Oncology Show.

Curtis Pesmen’s latest book, My Cancer Year, is now available in paperback format or as an ebook both on and A limited number are also available for free copies as Goodreads giveaways.

This collection of clips is provided by Andrew Y. Grant, author of Rain Forest Wisdom, to be published by Tatra Press in December 2013. To view some fascinating videos of gorillas in the wild, please click here.

The honesty of this book will resonate with cancer patients, and care-givers and health professionals will find it a realistic read if they wish to know more about with if feels like to have cancer. —Margaret Henderson, Richmond, VA © 2013 Library Journal (09/15/2013)

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