Golf Unplugged


Author: Jeff Apfelbaum

ISBN: 9780977614202


Publication Date: October 2007

Number of Pages: 240 pages

Size: 6" x 9"

Format: Paperback

Price: $16.00

Distributor: Midpoint Trade Books

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“Nothing Short of delightful…”
—Ben Wright, golf Television commentator & author

“Here is writing that’s subtle, thoroughly self-effacing and informative. …a very thoughtful read.”
—Bradley Klein, GolfWeek

“Celebrates the spirit of real golf, found in old letters, at ancient links, on a roof overlooking the Old Course at St. Andrews during the Open Championship…. I laughed out loud, and found myself pining for a time when the world wasn’t tuned into every incident all the time.”
—Bob Labbance, Author and President of the golf Collector’s Society

With sharp wit and humor, veteran golf Journalist and historian Jim Apfelbaum examines the game’s oddities, rarities, heroes and duffers.  A hilarious yet insightful look at how the game has bamboozled players for over 400 years…perhaps now more than ever. Among the author’s swing thoughts: The story behind Ben Hogan’s secret “sixth lesson”… The 3” putt that Bobby Jones nearly fanned… How Tiger Woods removes the ball from the cup (with 8 action-photo sequence and special commentary so You can do it, too!)… The First Lady who was a golf widow on honeymoon at St Andrews… The contents of Ben Hogan’s desk drawers  …Sarazan hitting from a hot dog stand—and saving par.

Jim Apfelbaum, 48, is immediate past president of the Texas Golf Writers Association and the author of five books, including, with Barbara Puett, bestselling Golf Etiquette and A Woman’s Own Golf Book.  Jim has also written for The Wall Street Journal and