Kremlin Speak: Inside Putin’s Propaganda Factory


Author: Lukas I Alpert

ISBN: 9780989835268


Publication Date: 11/01/2014

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Format: eBook

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If you thought Moscow’s propaganda campaigns ended with the Cold War, think again. The Kremlin’s efforts to influence global discourse has only grown more sophisticated with the creation of state-run, English-language broadcaster RT. Leading the charge of several increasingly polished, government-run, English language channels, RT has won fans by billing itself as a network willing to challenge the narrative offered by traditional broadcasters like CNN and the BBC and give a voice to stories mainstream media ignores. But a closer look reveals that it is really a slick disinformation tool aimed at furthering Russia’s foreign policy objectives by denigrating the West at all costs.

About the Author 
Alpert is a reporter for The Wall Street Journal, previously based in the Moscow bureau and currently living in New York.